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2020-10-19 Gymnastics
On-Line Classes - September 2020

Dear members, parents and friends

KKAcademy team would like to welcome back all members after summer holiday. We hope you had good holiday and stayed healthy.

Due to new hygienic regime at Fairlawn School access to the hall has been suspended. We would like to invite all members to join Zoom online classes from 10th September.

There are the following classes:

Karate Children - 4-8 years old, beginners and new starters
Karate Juniors & Adults - 9+ and adults
Dance Juniors
Gymnastics and Dance Children – 5-10 years old, beginners and new starters
Gymnastics Juniors – 10+

To support our members, KKAcademy will not charge joining and membership fees for the period of September – December 2020. The class fees will be reduced to £5 per session and the payment is made for the term and is payable in advance via PayPal ONLY. Please note, the payment needs to be done 24h before the class starts to receive the passcode to access the class via email.

You can make the payment HERE

All sessions are scheduled in the club calendar. To access the class make sure you have Zoom App installed on your device. To login to the class you need to navigate to the current date, click on the class you or your child is registered for and use link in the info box displayed on the screen. After selecting link you will be asked for password.

See you soon


2020-09-20 Gymnastics
Join and train with our Gym Team

Join the club and train gymnastics with KKAcademy Team

Join gymnastics programs for beginners, intermediate and advance levels



2020-09-10 Gymnastics
Guidance for home activity

All virtual or digital activity should only be based around fitness, conditioning and flexibility and you should be making sure you are being as safe as they can whilst working.

Safety measures:

• Make sure you have enough space around you before starting an activity • Make sure activities set are appropriate for your participants physical and mental limits • Make sure challenge-based activity is focussed on the gymnast challenging their personal best rather than being compared to others • Make sure participation is at the same level it would be during a normal week i.e. not doing hours of activity every day if they only take part once or twice per week normally • If you are doing live social media activity, please make sure that you cater for the spectrum of ability that may be watching


2020-03-21 Gymnastics
ABS workout

Gymnastics UpTown ABS Workout


Baby Shark ABS Workout


Activity Plan for Children

Download the challenge sheet HERE


2020-01-10 Gymnastics
Rebooking Gym for January 2020

Gymnastics Rebooking Fees for January 2020- Term 2.

- Monday Gym starts 6/01 - £96

- Friday Gym starts 10/01 - £88

- Saturday Gym starts 11/01 - £88

- Saturday Competition Class starts 11/01 - £110

To rebook your child for next year please pay the class fee by 15th December 2019

Payments can be done via bank transfer or PayPal or at the club office before your child class



2019-12-10 Gymnastics
New Saturday Gymnastics schedule January 2020

New Saturday gymnastics classes schedule from January 2020.

The timetable as follow:
11.30am - 12.15pm - Juniors 9-11 years
12.15pm - 1.00pm - Juniors 7- 8years
1.15pm - 2.00pm - Juniors 6-7 years
2.00pm - 2.45pm - Juniors 4-5 years
3.00pm - 5.00pm - Competition Class


2019-04-29 Gymnastics
Renew / Register BG membership

All gymnasts need to be registered or renew the membership with British Gymnastics via BG online system available on

Follow the simple instruction as laid out in the small booklet the Club provided you with recently.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY BG ANY MONEY - as you have already paid the Club.

Please note: Club Name registered with BG is KK ACADEMY
Type of gymnastics is GENERAL GYMNASTICS

Full guide available HERE

Failure to follow the instructions could mean you having to contact BG to rememdy any mistakes - and possibly incurring additional costs.

We would request that you complete this by no later than 20th October- to enable your child to have the required insurance to attend sessions.