About us

Thanks to the enthusiastic and welcoming approach of Primary Schools in Lewisham Borough in South East London, Kris Wozniak has established the club in 2009. The club is called KKAcademy Sports Club and is registered with the International Karate Organization IKO “Kyokushin Karate Great Britain” and British Gymnastics.

Club provides Kyokushin Karate, Gymnastics and Fitness activities for children, young people and adults. For the past few years club has been serving primary school children with a professionally run alternative to School Clubs with great success.

Kris philosophy and sporting goal is to teach children and young people moral values and help them develop essential life skills. He wants to pass his passion, knowledge and skills on as a legacy for future generations. He always wanted to become a role model and inspire young people, set new goals and support them. He is proud of his students’ accomplishments and he wishes to inspire them to follow his motto to “Aim high, never give up, stay strong, work hard, and challenge yourself.”

Founders of KKAcademy strongly believe that Karate and Gymnastics are one of the only few sports activities to simultaneously combine the development of physical strength and flexibility.
Kyokushin Karate also offers a mentoring service to its young talents who will learn not only fighting and defence techniques, but also absorb knowledge in regards of; responsibilities (learn how to take responsibility), gain self confidence, respect and understand importance of discipline and self motivation that lies at the core of martial art principals.

Kris has turned his passion for sport and an active, healthy life style in to a full-time job and he does not regret it, as nothing can compare with the satisfaction derived from doing what we feel good about.

Our KKAcademy is providing karate training without compromise on quality at a low cost. Money cannot reserve talent.

At the KKAcademy we encourage children to fulfil their potential and fuels their hunger for victory.

KKAcademy Aims & Goals

Our main aim is to participate in sustaining and increasing the number of people who enjoy an active lifestyle and excel in their chosen sport.

To promote various sports to the community and create awareness about healthy lifestyle and its benefits, in particular to those living in the most deprived wards.

To give them clearly defined opportunities to feed into and progress through sports development programs in clubs and the community. This should ensure that adequate opportunities exist for the development of people in both their sporting and social circumstances.



  • To improve the children, young people and adults fitness by increasing participation in physical activity and sport
  • To take positive action to improve their health and fitness in enjoyable way in the safe and productive environment
  • Recognise each individual and value his or her role in the success of our club
  • To enable both; parents and single parents to build up good relationships with children
  • To build up self confidence, respect and discipline, relationships and learn about team work
  • Provide the highest quality teaching and coaching
  • To maintain the standard of quality programs that promotes equality without discrimination as to race, religion, sex or ability
  • To enable the local community to develop its potential in sport
  • To develop an appropriate infrastructure of facilities
  • To work in partnership with other sports providers at international, national, regional and local level to develop the range and quality of sporting activities on offer and thus improve individual and community health and fitness, so contributing to the social environment
  • Establish and maintain effective school links
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