About Our Karate Classes

KKAcademy Classes

Karate Classes - Recreational & Competition Level

KKAcademy Sports Club provides Kyokushin Karate classes for children between 4 and 16 years old and adults. Club is registered with Kyokushin Karate Organization Great Britain and all our instructors have coaching qualifications Level 2 and 3.

KKAcademy Recreational Karate Program is specifically designed for children and teenagers to help them develop essential life skills. Through our training, we aim to improve your child coordination, agility and poise. We are determinate to help children acquire all important mental skills like; better concentration, confidence and ultimately independent and happier life attitudes.
In our club all children are given opportunity to compete in club tournaments where their stamina, strength and fighting skills are tested in the safe and friendly environment.

Karate Competition Program is fighting orientated. Our cadets and adults are training towards National and International level.
There are given opportunity to train with member of Team GB. They also take part in many seminars and camps over the year where they can learn from World-class competitions contestants.

Classes Timetable

Day Time Venue Class Name Age min Age max Level
Tuesday 16:45 Rathfern Karate Juniors Rathfern 6 15
Thursday 18:15 Fairlawn Karate Adults & Juniors 8 65
Saturday 08:30 Fairlawn Karate Adults Fight Club 16 65
Saturday 10:30 Fairlawn Karate Children 4 8
Saturday 9:30 Fairlawn Karate Juniors 8 15